Chirk Castle (pics)

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Clwyd, Wales, was founded about 1295 as a stronghold for Edward I’s army captain Roger Mortimer, thus becoming one of the great fortresses of Edward’s reign; it is of rectangular, concentric form with walls fifteen feet thick and a massive drum tower at each corner; since 1595 the home of the Myddelton family; conveyed to the National Trust in 1981

Haunted Chillingham Castle (pics)

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Alnwick, Northumberland, supposedly Britain’s Most Haunted Castle , was already there in 1255 when King Henry III stayed there; in 1344 Sir Thomas Grey was granted the Royal Licence to fortify the castle with stone; now the home of Sir Humphrey Wakefield who is presently restoring the castle; fine garden; interesting exhibitions

Menzies Hotel

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Photo Gallery Castle Menzies. Weem, Perthshire, Scotland, is an excellent and large example of a Z-plan fortified Tower House with flanking towers at diagonally opposite corners and has been the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years. In spite of the present extensive restoration works the castle is kept open to the public during the summer months;

The Berkeley Castle


Gloucestershire, after 850 years still remains the home of the Berkeley family who gave name to various places from Berkeley Square in London to Berkeley University in California; a Norman fortress with massive high walls contains treasures like paintings by English and Dutch masters, tapestries, furniture, silver and porcelain. This historic castle was the scene of the murder of King Edward II in 1327, and was in 1645 besieged by Cromwell’s troops. The castle is surrounded by lovely Elizabethan Gardens. See more photos and historical draws.