Arundel Castle as Movie Scene

Arundel Castle plays a starring role in THE YOUNG VICTORIA, starring Emily Blunt. The Film charts Queen Victoria’s journey to the throne. Arundel’s picturesque medieval castle is the backdrop in several key scenes and its wonderful features play stand in for some very famous locations such as the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace and St. Georges Hall at Windsor Castle. A Academy Award-winning producer Graham King, who co-produced the movie with Martin Scorsese, said Arundel Castle was one of a group of “wondrous places” chosen as locations during the film shoot.

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Broughton Castle, Oxford


Banbury, Oxfordshire, for over 600 years the home of the family Fiennes – Lord and Lady Saye and Sele; the original Manor House was built in about 1300 and the present Castle in the second part of the 16th century: location for a part of the movie ‘Shakespeare In Love’.