Fyvie Castle in Scotland


Grampian, Scotland, was started in the 13th century, but the south front’s five round towers were each built in a different century by one of the families who lived there; this glorious castle has fashionable plasterwork and panelling, the famous haunted Wheel Staircase and there are portraits by Romney, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Hoppner, and Raeburn; in 1889 Alexander Forbes-Leith, later Lord Leith of Fyvie, used the fortune he had made in the American steel industry to buy the estate and restore Fyvie to be one of the richest castles in Scotland.

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Bowhill House


Selkirk, Borders, Scotland; the estate was granted to the Douglas family in 1322 and reverted to the Crown in 1450 as a favourite hunting ground; in 1550 the Scott family became the owners and after a marriage in 1720 between the Scotts and the Douglases the land was restored to the Douglas-Scott family. The present owner is John, 9th Duke of Buccleuch; the present house was built in 1812 with additions in 19th century; an excellent collection of paintings by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Canaletto, Guardi, Van Dyck

Belvoir Castle (England)

Belvoir Castle _e306e640

Leicestershire, was originally built the first time here in the 11th century, destroyed by two Civil Wars and a great fire in 1816, but has always been totally rebuilt. The Castle is at present own by the Duke of Rutland, and the Castle has belonged to his ancestors since the time of the Normans. The Castle has magnificent collections of ancient arms, fine furniture, outstanding paitings (“Henry VIII” by Holbein, Gainsborough, Poussin, Steen, Murillo) and a unique huge silver wine-cooler which weighs 1,979 ounces (56.1kg) and was made for the family in 1682. The Queen’s Royal Lancers Regimental Museum is in the Castle. see more pictures