Castle Hill from Budapest (Old City Buda)

Castle Hill Buda has been an independent city until 19th century, when was built the first bridge over the Danube and the city Budapest was created by merging town fortified Buda with commercial town Pest and small market town fortification in North, Obuda (1873).

The Baroque Palace of Oradea

The Baroque Palace of Oradea, also known as Palatul Baroc Oradea, Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor (Romanian: “Museum of the Rivers Country”) or The Bishopric Palace of Oradea, is located, as the name implies, in the city of Oradea in Bihor county, Romania. It was founded in 1762 by the Baron Bishop Adam Patachich, as The Roman Catholic Bishopric Palace of northern Transylvania. Illustrious Viennese architect Anton Franz Hillebrandt, designer of many Austrian palaces and one of Europe’s 18th century best, designed the palace and planned the city’s posh side as Baroque quarter, while engineer A.J. Neumann was in charge of the palace’s massive construction, complete with its 365 exterior windows resembling the days of the year and 120 large, extravagant rooms distributed on three floor plans. The complet wiki article

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