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Farnborough Hall

In Warwickshire; Ambrose Holbech bought Farnborough in 1684 and the Holbech family still lives in the house. The house was rebuilt in early 18th century and more space was made for the sculpture and art William Holbech brought back from his Grand Tour. He also wanted the house look more like the houses he had seen and loved in Italy. The interior rococo plasterwork is quite outstanding. The paintings by the old masters (Canaletto, Panini) have been replaced by copies while the originals were sold in 1929. The garden has two charming 18th century temples and a beautiful terrace walk. The house was passed to the National Trust in 1960.

Farnborough Hall

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Capesthorne Hall _af091b2729

Macclesfield, Cheshire, home of the Bromley-Davenport family and their ancestors since Domesday times; the original Hall was designed by Smiths of Warwick between 1719-1732, altered by Blore in 1837 and finally Salvin rebuilt the centre after a disastrous fire in 1861; a fascinating collection of paintings, sculptures and furniture, extensive park and gardens; in a beautiful Georgian Chapel dating from 1719 services are still held.