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Erddig Palace in Wrexham

Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales; a fascinating house where the unusually close relationship existed between the family of the house and their servants in 19th and early 20th century; fine state rooms

Erddig Hall: Erddig Hall  Nr Wrexham was built  between 1684 and 1687 during the reign of James II. The north and south wings were added during the 1720’s. The house and estate grounds were given to The National Trust in 1973.

Berkeley Castle


ukthumb_swContinuously occupied by the Berkeley family since the 12th century, Berkeley Castle consists of a Norman, sandstone Keep with three semi-cylindrical turrets, and an Inner Ward surrounded by low-lying, 14ft thick walls. At one time there was a moat and the traditional Outer Ward to provide a defence strategy to the Inner Ward. The huge, round Keep is over sixty feet high, and is one of the oldest parts of the surviving castle.

Robert Fitzharding was in occupation during the mid-12th century when he was given permission by Henry II to construct a castle made of stone, to replace the former timber construction. It was from the descendants of Robert Fitzharding, who liked to describe themselves as ‘of Berkeley’, that lead to the family name still used today.

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