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Fyvie Castle in Scotland


Grampian, Scotland, was started in the 13th century, but the south front’s five round towers were each built in a different century by one of the families who lived there; this glorious castle has fashionable plasterwork and panelling, the famous haunted Wheel Staircase and there are portraits by Romney, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Hoppner, and Raeburn; in 1889 Alexander Forbes-Leith, later Lord Leith of Fyvie, used the fortune he had made in the American steel industry to buy the estate and restore Fyvie to be one of the richest castles in Scotland.

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Dunnottar Castle (scottish castle)

Stonehaven, Grampian, stands on a real dream of a castle site – a hard red rock full with a variety of large pebbles and rocks like raisins in a fruitcakephoto packed there 400 million years ago; in late 14th century Sir William Keith, the Marischal of Scotland built there a tower house, which was later followed by numerous other fortifications and buildings ; in 1651 the Scottish Crown Jewels were successfully protected here against Cromwell’s army; today the castle is an impressive and romantic ruin , “a must for anyone who takes Scottish history seriously”!

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Duff House in Grampian

Banff, Grampian, is one of the most imposing houses in Scotland; was built in 1735-39 for William Duff by William Adam with an unusual dispute about the bill; the owners of the house had in late 19th century, due to financial difficulties, to give up it and the house was changed first to an hotel and in 1913 a sanatorium; the Ministry of Works had it fully restored after WW2 and the Duff House was opened to the public as an outstation of the National Galleries of Scotland in April 1995; a remarkable collection of paintings and furniture from Scotland.

Crathes Castle (photo gallery)

Crathes Castle in Grampian, is another Scottish fairy tale castle with turrets and gargoyles, built in late16th century; the seat of the family of Burnett of Leys ; fine furniture and painted ceiling; famous for a beautiful walled garden.

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Corgarff Castle

Grampian, Scotland, was built about 1530 as a tower house and a lordly residence in one of the most wild and remote districts of Scotland to protect its owners and their valuables; it was converted into Hanoverian troops’ barracks in 1748-50 and was returned to private hands in 1802 as a farmhouse having even a whisky distillery there; after WW1 the castle became derelict and was given into State care in 1961 and was restored with star-shaped outworks.

Braemar Castle (Scotland)


photo gallery Braemar Castle

Grampian, Scotland, near the River Dee, was built in 1628 and rebuilt after the fire of 1689; purchased by the Farquharson in 1732 and still owned by the family. Largely rebuilt and garrisoned with English troops in 18th century. Spiral stone staircase leading to the principle rooms.

Balmoral Castle (Scotland)


Grampian, Scotland, beautifully situated by the River Dee was purchased in 1852 by Prince Albert to be the holiday home of the Royal Family and the present castle was built 1853-55. The exhibition of paintings and works of art in the ballroom is open to the public as well as the grounds and gardens.

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