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Fyvie Castle in Scotland


Grampian, Scotland, was started in the 13th century, but the south front’s five round towers were each built in a different century by one of the families who lived there; this glorious castle has fashionable plasterwork and panelling, the famous haunted Wheel Staircase and there are portraits by Romney, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Hoppner, and Raeburn; in 1889 Alexander Forbes-Leith, later Lord Leith of Fyvie, used the fortune he had made in the American steel industry to buy the estate and restore Fyvie to be one of the richest castles in Scotland.

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Crathes Castle (photo gallery)

Crathes Castle in Grampian, is another Scottish fairy tale castle with turrets and gargoyles, built in late16th century; the seat of the family of Burnett of Leys ; fine furniture and painted ceiling; famous for a beautiful walled garden.

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